Carborundum print, painting on paper, 2010-2014
Collage, painting on plywood, 2014

The “Creation“ project has kept me busy for many years. In fact these Old Testament themes preoccupied me since early on in my career both in painting and printing.
For a few millennia biblical subjects have been a source of inspiration and a main topic for visual arts. Each generation and each individual artist sees these stories with different eyes. The power of recognition of the well-known biblical personages and narratives inevitably adds to the emotional and psychological experience of a viewer.

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What interests me personally is rather emotional then illustrative reflection on each story. The bulk of the works in these series are made on paper and they consist of the folds of large mono-prints made in carborundum technique. The sizes vary from 160 x 105 cm to 200 x 390 cm.

Each print is based on a theme from a particular biblical story. Hung together these mono-prints are meant be used as a variation and substitute of traditional church wall paintings in fresco. Most of the prints are in black and white with additional color incorporated in some of them. All are non-figurative, which supposedly allows them to be used in any place of worship where Old Testament is seen as a foundation of religion. Alternatively these prints may create a space reminding of a chapel — anywhere with enough walls to place them.

Some other works also indirectly relate to a printing technique but made from cardboard which was used as printing base and form objects which remind of traditional Icons from Orthodox Church or bronze door panels.

In the last installation couple of years ago I added some 3-dimensional elements. Two large ( about 200cm high ) ’Paper Angels’ were standing guard at the Golden Gate of Paradise.

Installation ‘Bijbelse Suite’ in the church of Heveskes, Province of Groningen, 2013

Watch the video Installation ‘Bijbelse Suite’ in de church of Heveskes, Province of Groningen, 2013

Installation ‘Creation’ at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, 2014

Watch video Installation ‘Creation’ at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, 2014